Righthause Energy offers a wide variety of services including consulting to all clients using our long experience and expertise in the renewable energy field. Our consultants and engineers have the academic and technical skills to deliver efficient and active solutions on time.

At Righthause Energy we provide services and Training as follows

Solar System Design: We offer design services ranging from mini-home systems to large-scale commercial installations . We create detailed drawings and specifications, select best in class components, and can deliver turnkey solutions.

New Product Development:  Righthause Energy has a strong track record of innovation and new product development. We have adapted systems for the harsh African environment that stand the test of time but are also cost-effective. We are currently developing new products for the telecom and leisure spaces, and also offer product development and testing services.

Energy Audits: Our team of energy efficiency experts conduct routine energy audits, looking at electrical load conditions, building materials, landscaping, energy efficient appliances, and much more. We offer a holistic approach with proven results.

Renewable Energy Policy Analysis: Righthause Energy has consulted with governmental and international agencies to shape energy policy and create the framework for the development of renewable energy options.