Mr. Robert Blankson, holds an MBA in finance and studied Mathematics, Economics and Statistics as his first degree. He is an astute business man and a solar and renewable energy technical expert. He has altogether more than 20 years’ experience in all his fields of interest and a very versatile team player.He is the Technical Director of Chesinc Global Technologies, a renenewable energy company in Ghana with its headquarters in the USA. He has done a lot of installations for the Energy Commission on their Rooftop Solar Program and other organizations and households. He has attended a lot of training programs by the Energy Commission and the German Foundation based in Ghana. He is married to Joyce Blankson and they have 4children.

Mr. Ulrich Efui Tonyi, is a Ghanaian who holds a diploma in Telecommunications Engineering and Electrical Technician 3. He worked as a Technical Director of Wilkins Engineering from 2006 to 2017 and has a wealth of experience in Solar Energy. He has done a lot of projects in Cameroun, Gabon and Liberia. He has done a 187KWp installation at Djoum in Cameroun, 50KWp Grid Interactive Solar System in Dschang, Cameroun. He has also done a 25KWp Grid Interactive system in Acrra. He is married with two children and speaks and writes English, French, Ewe and Twi.