It is becoming more imperative that Renewable Energy, which is cleaner and cheaper in the long run is the way to go for any developing country which has abundance of the sun for most times of the year.

Ghana in the past decade has been facing challenges of more energy requirements and for the past three years has been on schedule for its energy.

Clean energy is the need of today’s world. The world is suffering from the energy crisis and the existing source of energy is too expensive. Fossil fuels are at its end stage and these fuels are creating environmental problems like global warming, climate change, etc. The whole world is moving towards renewable energy which is a cheaper and effective source of energy and solar power has stood in front as the solution to it. New technologies have been developed to trap the alternative sources of energy of which solar PV technology is being mostly used worldwide to solve the present problem.

Investors are afraid of investing in Africa in the industrial and manufacturing sector due to insecurity, political instability and energy problems. They want quick returns for their investment.

Realizing all of these problems, establishment of more Solar Companies is essential in Ghana. The market is growing up very well and at present, solar business in Ghana is on the ascendancy since there is a government policy of having 10% of all energy requirements to be on renewable energy thus with these objectives, this venture is proposed.

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